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The first picture was taken when I was only 9 years old <3

It brings me so many good memories.  Well, Dejiko was my first cosplay (2001)  In 2001 we barely had anime festivals in my country and there were only a few cosplayers. 

I was part of this small group and I was the second black girl to do cosplay in my country. At the time, no anime fan or otaku cared about the skin color. Everyone loved my costume, I won the first place at the contest and I couldn’t be happier!

You see, my generation of anime fans was different from the generation of nowaydays.

The second picture is more recent, taken 2 years ago,but I still look just like this today (2013). So… I attended to an anime convention in 2010 with my Myoubi cosplay. (from Alichino) She’s as pale as porcelain,but I really didn’t care, because just like my generation I didn’t care about the color of the character; I just LOVED it for what he/she was.

So, to make a long story short, I’ve made my cosplay etc,but suddenly new  cosplayers and new otakus started to ask me:

"Hey Vicky, why don’t you try a lighter foundation to make your skin a little lighter? It would look way better."

And a guy (white) even let a message on my old blog [deactivated] saying: "Ugh, your mouth is so big that it’s gross. It looks like a horse’s mouth." and other guy saying " Wow, you’re pretty. Why don’t you cosplay that black girl from that anime instead of this one? She’s too white for you skin color".

Yes, that was the kind of messages I’ve received in that time. Of course I was hurt, of course I felt kinda left-out, but it didn’t prevent me of keep doing what I liked the most.

Today I don’t go to cons anymore because ‘lack of time’ ‘bored’ blah blah,but I still wear my cosplays every now and then for photoshoots,

Anyways, I’ve made 10~13 cosplays in my life; A lot of different characters, from a Blue dark elf, to black characters, to white characters, to the prince of India.

What I want to say is, never give up of what you love the most. People can try and bring you down, but you’re stronger than this! 

The last picture is an Anime Magazine in which I was interviewed. The name of the article was Cosplay Without Prejudice. It was a great article made by a friend of mine and If I could I would translate the whole thing, but meh, too lazy 8D 

Oh and the last pics are me at COSMODE Japan.

p.s: Yes, my eyes has an almond shape because I’m black and native indian. (posting ‘cause some people asked me if I had a japanese heritage)

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